Most of the Indians living abroad certainly have some immovable property within territory of Punjab. It could be an ancestral land or house or a self acquired piece of land or a flat.
An NRI would be keen to know his right to inheritance in the property owned by his grandparents or parents. There are cases where:-

  • The land is simply transferred by way of natural succession depending on the applicable law i.e. Hindu Succession Act or Indian Succession Act.
  • The transfer of property is challenged by relatives in India. The relatives claim to be owners by way of some forged documents.
  • The property has to be transferred on basis of the Will.
  • There are forged Wills made by relatives in India.
  • Non residents generally leave the properties with the closest relatives, friends to look after the property, receive rent from the tenants, make any renovations if needed, deal with the government authorities on their behalf. Some people rent out their properties to a tenant.