Legal Eagle’s endeavour is to inform our clients regarding the risks, technicalities and legal considerations involved in the transactions. We are aware of the most competitive cost and fees involved in a transaction. Thus, providing innovative solutions in a practical, constructive, beneficial, business-oriented manner and ensuring our client the best possible prices.

Some of the important provisions of a Buy-Sell Agreement include:

  • Adequate notice of sale by seller to remaining owner;
  • Time frame in which remaining owner must respond;
  • Deal points including:
  • method to set price (e.g. appraisal, book value);
  • payment by cash or on terms (interest rate, amortization schedule, balloon payment, security);
  • Order of priority in determining buyer (corporation, owner of most shares, equal shares purchased by remaining owners); and
  • Right of buyer to sell to third party if other owner declines.Our professionals are licensed title agents who can expertly guide clients through real estate transactions whether they are purchasing residential, recreational, commercial or agricultural property. We have several years of experience in real estate title work, preparation and review of purchase, lease, option and easement agreements. Our goal is to make every transaction as smooth and pleasant as possible for all parties.