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Consultancy for Real Estate and Property Laws in Punjab

Legal Eagle is a multi-speciality firm established with the motive of helping non resident Indians, in their matters related to India, especially Punjab. Also, keep them updated with the latest happenings from their homeland. We provide solutions to all legal problems under single roof with honest, sincere, efficient and trustworthy and microwave manners.

Any job that we undertake, whether it is sorting out on a village visit to investigate the land assets and sort out the actual and factual position, of an Indian living abroad or preparing an expert report on the situation prevailed in a particular area/community or representation in the courts, our approach is meticulous & methodical beyond any influence from any angle.

We believe all our clients irrespective of the amount of work they give us deserve our best and we are always motivated in providing that, to keep up our commitments to all our clients for their entire satisfaction, without any pressure or coercion.

Trust & Knowledge

With all the decisions you will face when buying or selling your property, knowing that you have a trusted agent who understands the real estate transaction and all the complexity that involves, will give you the peace of mind you need with full satisfaction.

Where is your dream home in Homeland?

When you are moving across the globe, Legal Eagle Associates care about your needs. Helping you enhance your dreams in your homeland, wherever that may be and whatever type of, is their first priority.

Our Mission & Vision 

Legal eagle will provide you by removing the burden on your shoulders.
The majority of NRI’s are not familiar with the legal procedures and protocols not to mention the delays of the Indian Legal System and often fail to litigate or defend through ignorance. This is where the team of Legal-Eagle aims to minimise all these hassles and delays by providing confidential and dependable legal advice and aware the aggrieved from modern tactics as and when arises, and taking the stress and strain on your behalf so that your daily routine is not affected.

Our fees vary case by case but are very affordable and within the expectations of every respectable. Given that you will not have to make numerous trips to India to appear in Court(s).To see whether we can help – complete the Enquiry form or call/email us for a without obligations, chat and see for your good-self.

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